Artwork By: Chris

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Taking out the “BEATS” inside me.

Shadow Mode. Photography by artworkbychris

A Bird Date.

2D in 3D. Drawn with ink.

Zzzz @ Sunset. Drawn with Staedtler Triplus Fineliner on white paper.

Beach Water. Charcoal on Cardboard.

Mice @ Sunset. Drawn with markers.

Thru the tunnel. Sketched on an envelope with ink.

My Hat. Made with Sharpie oil base Markers on a 5x7 canvas board.

Monkey in a Cage.

Monkey in a Cage. Made with Balsa Wood & Sculpey.

Elephant in the Dark. Drawn with charcoal on 11x14 black board.

An Eye that Watches. Drawn with charcoal on paper.

Elephants Caught. Drawn on Cardboard with Shapie Oil base Markers.